The Network Push Agent

Version History:
Version 1.1f 12/27/99
Version 1.1e 6/11/99
Version 1.1d 5/11/99
Version 1.1c 4/11/99
Version 1.1b 3/11/99
Version 1.1a 1/30/99
Version 1.1 12/27/98
Version 1.0e 10/15/98
Version 1.0d 9/27/98
Version 1.0c 9/12/98
Version 1.0b 8/27/98
Version 1.0a 8/7/98
Version 1.0 6/27/98
Beta-3 version .99c 6/12/98 (Final beta for 1.0)
Beta-2 version .99z 6/7/98
Beta-2 version .99x 5/24/98
Beta-2 version .99v 5/20/98
Beta-2 version .99r 5/12/98
Beta-2 version .99m 5/7/98
Beta-2 version .99k 5/2/98 First public beta

Bug fixes and enhancements by version:

Version 1.1f changes from 1.1e:
1. Smaller and faster executables due to re-compile.
Version 1.1e changes from 1.1d:
1. Compiled with newer 99g compiler.

Version 1.1d changes from 1.1c:
1. Compiled with newer 99f compiler.
2. Small cosmetic changes.
Version 1.1c changes from 1.1b:
1. Newer versions of the Winsock interface DLL and Zip DLL.
2. Cosmetic changes you will never find!

Version 1.1b changes from 1.1a
1. Fixed bug where the Push Agent was unable to work through some brands of firewalls especially firewall1 from CheckPoint on Internet pushes.
2. Internet updates of the Push agent are now in .zip format and the Push Agent now unzips the files automaticlly.
3. Fixed bug on multi server installs on the subsequent installs getting cannot read servers.dat file.

Version 1.1a changes from 1.1
1. Re-compiled with newer compiler.
Version 1.1 changes from 1.0e
1. Added multi-server install.
2. Added a more complete setup on the administrator's workstation. Including icons for the Network Push Agent, the user configuration utility, and the documentation.
3.Added the option for administrators to have the latest version of the Network Push Agent™ pushed to their workstation over the Internet.
4. Fixed bug/feature where folders above programs on start menu were not deleted on locked down workstations.
5. Added new parameter (SuperCache) to speed execution, and reduce network traffic.
6. Added the ability to apply some parameters from the global pagent.ini to individual users through a user specific configuration file.
7. Added option to set user specific configuration settings when setting up a user using the PushCon utility.
8. Added full mobile user capability to locked down desktops. This also allows normal cache to be the default.
9. Compiled with newer faster executing compiler.

Version 1.0e changes from 1.0d
1. Fixed file write bug that occurred in some situations on workstation installs.
Version 1.0d changes from 1.0c
1. Re-compiled with 98c compiler.

Version 1.0c changes from 1.0b
1. Fixed server install spelling error.

Version 1.0b changes from 1.0a
1. Re-compiled with 98b compiler.

Version 1.0a changes from 1.0a Beta-3

Version 1.0a Beta-3 changes from 1.0a Beta-2
1. Fixed bug that caused the inadvertent deletion of desktop icons if the TrashDel parameter was set to no, but IconKeep was set to yes.
2. 65% increase in speed over beta-1 & beta-2.
3. Added parameter to delete documents from the recently used document list in the start menu.

Version 1.0a Beta-2 changes from 1.0a Beta-1
1. Speed improvement on multiple application installs.
2. Resolved CPU detection bugs.

Version 1.0a Beta-1 changes from 1.0
1. Works under Windows 98.
2. Improved year 2000 compliance.

Version 1.0 changes from .99c beta-3
1. No major changes to code only cosmetic changes.

2. Added a superfluous setup.exe that really spawns off to pushagnt.exe after a couple of informational messages.

3. Attempted to make initial setup prompts more intuitive.

Version .99c beta-3 changes from .99z beta-2
1. Major code clean up allows the push agent to run up to 65% faster.
2. Fixed small Y2K bug.

Version .99z changes from version .99x
1. Added the ability to delete any file from the workstation.
2. Trap more errors (convert them to english) especially on the push levels 1-3.

Version .99x changes from version .99v
1. Fixed FileOpen bug in Push level 1.
2. Added a parameter that allows you to update workstation desktops without deleting any icons that may have been added by the user.
3. Added a parameter that allows you to only push the icons to the desktop if you have made changes to the users default configuration.
4. Increased initial install speed on workstations by over 300% over previous versions.
5. Increased average execution speed by 15% over .99v beta-2.
6. Changed directory create push to level 1, and single file push to push level 2.

Version .99v changes from version .99r
1. Added 3 levels of push including application "installs".
2. Fixed bug where the file(s) had to exist on the server and workstation when doing a push. Now if they don't exist nothing happens.
3. Increased average execution speed by 20% over version .99r beta-2.

Version .99r changes from version .99m
1. Fixed bug that caused Start Menu Program sub folders to get truncated if they where to deep.
2. Increased average execution speed by 25% over version .99m beta-2.

Version .99m changes from version .99k
1. Fixed bug where under some conditions the push agent would get an illegal operation.